Sunday, February 24, 2008


When I got done doing 16C, I didn't export it because I was thinking all the changes I'd made had been in the attribute table and not in the actual map. Later I realized the lot numbers had changed, so here it is, somewhat belatedly.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

From Florida

I've finally posted the Chapter 16 exercises. I'm in Florida visiting grandma and have had limited internet access. Got to explain GIS to my mother and other relatives over breakfast. Spent all afternoon navigating a strange city. Now if I could just teach my husband how to read maps while I'm driving ... :)

Chapter 16

Thursday, February 14, 2008

journal post

Tonight was fun. We got into the more useful specifics of stuff. Where to download maps. How to. Different types of maps and the agencies that have them. Maybe I'll add them as links later.

Now I'm starting to feel like I could actually sit down and start downloading the layers and making the maps, I think maybe I'll try a small initial project when I have time this weekend. I'll go through my sketchbook and pick out a map, something small-scale and daydreamy that's just located to Buncombe County. It prolly won't be real analytical like my final project, but just something fun so I can get more experience and start learning this stuff for myself outside of the textbook. Maybe I'll post it on here if I succeed.

Chapter 15

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 3 Journal

Chapter 19 with all the formatting and snap to grids reminds me very much of learning to use Quark Xpress as a summer intern at the copy desk at the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Oh well. Waffling between idealism and realism. Maybe instead of the Hernando De Soto map, I should do something more pressing in accordance with current reality. I could do some sort of map based around some investigative journalism topic that was geographically based. something to add to the resume.

Well, it seemed like a great idea yesterday. Today all the topics I can think of sound lame and not geographically based.

Chapter 19 Map

Map Projections

Monday, February 4, 2008


"National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center/UNCA has a Research Position: Applying Gaming Engines to Decision Making. NEMAC is currently working on the “Decision Theater”, a set of tools and processes to support collaborative group decision-making. Existing tools that might contribute to the Decision Theater include geographical information systems (GIS), 3D gaming engines, and immersive virtual environments such as Second Life. NEMAC has started researching the possibility of combining GIS with various 3D gaming engines and has placed all current research into a wiki located at"

Info from UNCA Career Services

Saturday, February 2, 2008

GIS 111 Day 2

I wrote down some questions in my notebook during the lecture and didn't ask them so I figure they're something to put in my journal and I'll come back later and know the answer to them. Here they are:

1. (after the slide showing all the points, lines, and polygons and their coordinate data) Is there some point where we have to type all of that coordinate data in to ArcCatalog?

2. What are the advantages of a TIN? I mean, I know that the book said they store easier than raster data because they're vector data, and they're more accurate than other kinds of vector data like standard contour lines (atleast i think the book said that; i'm working from memory), but when i look at one, it actually looks visually really confusing and difficult to read.

... I guess that's a stupid question and the answer is that you use it for the quantitative information stored into it, not as a visual for your final map. Hence why surveyors would use it.